Accommodation in Tarangire National Park

Are you looking for where to stay while in Tanzania? There is a wide selection of hotels from which to choose that suit all your needs in Tarangire National Park. You can be sure to find amazing deals with discounted rates on any kind of hotel that your heart desires. Your tour operators can save you time and money by making your booking at any Tarangire National Park accommodation . With other attributes, you can be provided with a map to find hotels within the Tarangire Park neighborhood that you may prefer. Booking a guest’s reservation of a hotel at Tarangire Park is in fact easier through your tour operator. Even when you want to stay in budget is a piece of cake; you too can search for your preferred accommodation here. by entering your travel dates, you will be able to view the best offers available on the different hotel rooms Tarangire National Park. accommodation tarangire

Types of Accommodation in Tarangire National Park

For your Tarangire park holiday accommodation, there is a selection of safari lodges and tented camps found within the park itself as well as in the areas surrounding it. With a listing of these options of accommodation, plus a handy map, enjoy a great deal of low prices for your comfortable stay while here. The accommodation facilities available range from budget, mid-range to luxury lodges and luxury tented camps so irrespective of your budget, you will surely get a place to stay There are large lodges that are located in obviously prime positions with wonderful views of the park. Taking an example of

Tarangire Safari Lodge

, it is located up on a cliff and overlooks the mighty Tarangire River offering uninterrupted views of wildlife around the river banks especially in season. It is very near within a distance of about 10 kilometers inside the park gate and it comprises of thatched bungalows or closely spaced tents can make you an ideal accommodation.
  1. Luxury accommodation in Tarangire National Park

The park offers in number of beautiful luxury options perfect for holidaymakers interested in enjoying some safari luxury, great comfort and the chance of camping. below are some of the top luxury facilities in tangerine.

Tarangire treetops

This is the most well-known luxury facility in the whole of Tarangire National Park and it is located within a private reserve that borders this national park as well as the neighboring maasai stepped. This facility offers some of the largest safari rooms you will find in the country constructed around giant baobab trees that offer views of Lake Manyara, the rift valley wall as well as Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day. it has 20 private tree houses each with a very spacious balcony fitted with modern décor made using natural materials, and with en-suite facilities that include a double shower with hot and cold water. There are additional amenities such as a well stocked bar, a clean swimming pool and fine restaurant. some of the activities you made enjoy from here include maasai culture Village tours, nature walks and night game drives

Nimali Tarangire

This permanent tented Lodge is located along the northern border of the Tarangire National Park within a private reserve and offers holidaymakers a non-restricted safari experience that combines comfort and character in plenty. some of the various activities you can enjoy while staying here include walking safaris as well as night game drives that aren’t allowed in other national parks in northern Tanzania. It has 6 beautiful tented bedrooms that have been lavishly furnished each with a large private deck from where guests can enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding area.

Sanctuary Swala Camp

Located within one of the most secluded areas of this National Park the Sanctuary Swala Camp was established under the shades of huge acacia trees and offers uninterrupted views over the neighboring open Savannah land. It offers 12 lavish canvas tented rooms fitted with king size beds, cozy sofa and an en-suite bathroom. There is unlimited Wi-Fi in each room, a fully stocked bar to enjoy cocktails and in fact this is a true example of luxury in Tanzania’s wilderness. There is a swimming pool, a campfire as well as a spacious deck where guests can enjoy views of different wildlife from the comfort of their rooms.  

Maweninga Camp

  This is located on top of a high granite rock and overlooks Lake Manyara as well as Lake burunge. On a clear day you can enjoy views of the high Mount Kilimanjaro from here. This amazing facility offers eco-friendly accommodation and each of its tents is constructed on a raised wooden terrace for clear views. Boundary Hill Lodge  
  1. Mid-range Accommodation

They are a member of mid-range facilities in and around Tarangire National Park as highlighted below

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

This facility is located close to the newly opened Sunday get into the park and offers for taking views of Lake burunge.  It’s 13 tent entrance have been constructed on elevated wooden platform each with a specialist dick enjoy breathtaking view and sundowners they are fitted with big comfortable beds a writing desk and chair as well as in suit bathroom

Tarangire Safari Lodge

In the whole of Tarangire National Park, this is the oldest permanent Lodge and it is found up on a natural bluff offering guests sweeping views of the surrounding. Its accommodation includes tented rooms as well as bungalows and has an outdoor dining area, a swimming pool as well as a souvenir shop.

Tarangire Sopa Lodge

this is rather and leisure accommodation facility offering over 75 rooms in addition to various amenities like Wi-Fi a swimming pool and the fine restaurant special about it is that it is among the few accommodation facilities found within the boundaries of the National Park, and this also ideal for holidaymakers travelling as families as it accommodate children as well.  

Maramboi Tented Camp

  This facility offers 38 rooms and is part of the well known Tanganyika wilderness camps like the kati kàti of Serengeti. The rooms are built on a private terrace each with en-suite bathroom facilities and additional amenities like a campfire and a large swimming pool. some of the activities that can enjoy here include game drives in both Tarangire national Park and the neighboring Lake Manyara National Park.
  1. Budget Facilities

Generally speaking, there are a few budget options for places to stay in and around the Tarangire national park, however because of its location, budget travelers can opt to spend a night in Arusha town or within Karatu in facilities such as Mc-Elly’s hotel, planet lodge or Mrimba Palm Hotel in Arusha and the Country Lodge found in Karatu. Nonetheless tourist on a very limited budget can always opt to camp at the campsite found within the Park.  

Whistling Thorn Tented Camp

  This is the only budget accommodation facility found in the Tarangire region. It offers 6 canvas permanent tents that are grass thatched and spacious which can accommodate a maximum of 15 people each night. There is a communal dining area where guests can enjoy their meals.  

Accommodation Amenities offered in Tarangire National Park

The type of amenities offered at your accommodation will depend on the type of facilities you will be staying at. At the lavish facilities expect amenities like free WiFi, a swimming pool, fully stocked bar, outdoor dining, library and TV: as well as a number of them offering wheelchair accessibility and kid friendly services. In the budget facilities, on the other hand expect basic amenities. In the evenings after your day’s activities, however, you can spend time in the communal area where guests can gather to share stories of their safari day as they enjoy some nice drink and the warm campfires. Dine either under the stars or in an affectionate dinning tent (but this will depend on the weather). Most camps organize different Tarangire safari activities like game drives, walking safaris and fly camping. You are advised to pre-book especially when you intend to be part of the walking and fly camping. You may incur an extra charge if you are not staying on game package. Inquire if you are not sure about this.

Cost of Accommodation in Tarangire

As earlier mentioned there are different types of facilities available in and around the park and these are offered at different prices as highlighted below. Budget facilities like the Whistling Thorn Tented Camp on average cost about $153 per person in a Single Midrange accommodation like the Tarangire Sopa Lodge cost on average $450 for a deluxe Luxury accommodation like Tarangire Treetops cost ranges from $750 to $1200 per person when sharing

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Mawe Ninga Tented Camp

Mawe Ninga Tented Camp is found in the northwestern part of Tarangire National Park and is constructed on top of a huge “kopje” (granite rocks)

Boundary Hill Lodge

Boundary Hill Lodge is a brand-new lodge situated above the wide savannah, positioned among the trees plus rock outcrops around the fringe of Tarangire National

Osupuko Lodges

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Whistling Thorn Tented Camp

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Tarangire Lake Burunge Tented Camp

  Tarangire is among of the hidden wildlife treasures along the northern safari circuit of Tanzania, with amazing wildlife views however relatively less development, offering

Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Found between the baobab trees within Tarangire National Park, the main features of this lodge include beautiful marble floors, water fountains as well as waterfalls,

Naitolia Eco-Lodge

Naitolia Eco-Lodge is found in the middle of an area of acacia plus baobab in the Tarangire Conservation Area, a 55 square kilometer wildlife conservation

Ecoscience Science Center and Luxury

This Eco science facility is located on the Northeastern Tarangire National Park border just 20 kilometers South of Makuyuni village (along the major tourist road

Lemala Tarangire

  Fashionable Lemala Tarangire is a standard seasonal camp that offers a genuine intimate safari experience in Tanzania. Situated close to the River Tarangire and

Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge

Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge is situated only a couple of minutes drive from the entrance gate into Tarangire National Park. This lodge is run and

Maramboi Tented Camp

Maramboi Tented Camp is a deluxe tented camp located near the shores of the stunning Lake Manyara and situated in the migratory corridor between Manyara

Tarangire River Camp

Tarangire Safari Camp features 21 basic yet stylish tented cottages. It has 7 doubles fitted with one king-size bed, 8 twin cottages having two twin

Kikoti Tented Camp

Located on a gorgeous 15,000 acres private area neighboring Tarangire National Park, this wonderfully positioned Lodge is close to the home of Africa’s Big 5

Tarangire Safari Lodge

Tarangire Safari Lodge is found on a spectacular bluff inside Tarangire National Park, offering one of the most stunning vistas views, surrounding acacias plus baobabs,

Tarangire Treetops

Enjoy Living your Dream High up in The Trees. A large number of people a childhood might have been spent taking part in the realm

Sanctuary Swala camp

Sanctuary Swala camp is situated in an isolated Tarangire National Park, part which is among the most thrilling and the least visited national parks in

Oliver’s Camp Asilia Africa

This camp was established in 1992 by Paul Oliver, and it is for safari enthusiasts interested in more adventure. Located in the remote Tarangire National

Chem Chem Safari Lodge

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