Best Tourist Attractions in Dar es Salaam

Catholic-CathedralDar es Salaam is among the busiest ports in East Africa, and it is the largest city plus commercial center in Tanzania. ‘Dar es Salaam’ in the local Arabi language means ‘haven of peace” which was more fitting for this city’s former status as a drowsy fishing village compared to the present lively city of over 3 million people. Even so Dar es Salaam is cherished among travelers because of its seaside environment and contemporary ambiance thanks to its combination of Indian, African and Arabic cultures.

1. National Museum and House of Culture

Initially opened in 1940 as simply a memorial to King George V, this National Museum and House of Culture offers its visitors a journey through the stunning past of Tanzania. The museum exhibits crucial fossils of a number of the earliest human ancestors discovered from the digs of Dr. Leakey at Olduvai Gorge. The Visitors can find out about the tribal heritage as well as the effect of slave trade plus the colonial periods of this country. Additional attributes of the museum include various ethnographic displays on musical instruments, traditional crafts, ornaments as well as customs

2. Village Museum

Around six miles north from the city center, this Village Museum exhibits traditional homes from a number of Tanzania’s A hundred and twenty ethnic groups. Guests can stroll through replications of the tribal homesteads spread across Fifteen acres, and view local artists show their traditional carving, painting and weaving skills. This museum additionally hosts Ngoma and tribal dances plus other cultural activities.

3. Askari Monument

Solid in bronze, this Askari Monument represents an Askari (soldier) wearing a World War I uniform, and the bayonet of his firearm pointing to the close by harbor. This monument remembers the African troops that battled as the Carrier Corps during World War I. Search for the wording in English plus Swahili authored by Rudyard Kipling, a well known British writer plus poet.

4. Old Boma

Built from1866 to 1867 by Majid Bin Said, the then sultan of Zanzibar, the Old Boma is the oldest enduring building in Dar es Salaam. It was constructed to accommodate the visitors of the Sultan whose palace was just next door. Some of the unique features in the interior include a wooden carved wooden made from Zanzibar plus coral walls.

5. St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Constructed by the early German missionaries starting in 1897 to 1902, this amazing Gothic fashion, Roman Catholic Church is outstanding on the front of the Dar es Salaam harbor. Some of the most eye-catching features on it include the stained-glass windows, shingled spire as well as the vaulted interior. This cathedral consists of a number of the original German inscriptions plus artwork, such as a carved relief over the main altar. It’s the seat of the archdiocese in Dar es Salaam.

6. Botanical Gardens

This is the place to find the Dar es Salaam Horticultural Society; these Botanical Gardens were set up in 1893 by Prof. Stuhlmann, who was the very first Agriculture Director. They were utilized as a trial piece for testing various kinds of plantation crops plus tree species. At present garden enthusiasts can appreciate a charming combination of indigenous plus exotic plants among them is the red hibiscus, purple bougainvillea, scarlet flame trees plus the blue jacaranda. Although these gardens are just a fraction of their original size, they are among the few places on the planet to see the gorgeous coco-de-mer palm tree, beyond its originative Seychelles.