Boundary Hill Lodge

Boundary Hill Lodge is a brand-new lodge situated above the wide savannah, positioned among the trees plus rock outcrops around the fringe of Tarangire National Park. It incorporates eight large, independently designed rooms that offer convenience and delicate luxury. Every room features en-suite facilities, large balconies offering spectacular views.

Boundary Hill Lodge will give you an exclusive African experience as well as a chance to enjoy the savannah in an exceedingly unique way.


This lodge is situated along the main migration route used by the animals as they look for fresher pastures. at the dining as well as bar areas, visitors can observe the Silale as well as Gosuwa swamps, in which elephants plus buffalo graze within the  acacia trees and baobab. It was constructed using natural materials, mostly burnt bricks, local stone as well as wood.

The lodge is located on the eastern part just outside the park boundaries. The best time to visit here is from June up to October. The intimate yet extremely tranquil lodge features a special character and has breathtaking views of the eastern part of the park.

The Rooms

Each of the rooms is constructed into a rock up on a hill and they are well separated from each other to offer the utmost privacy to the guests. Each of them offers an almost 180 view of the surrounding terrain. The open bathrooms are found downstairs, although a couple of rooms have an outside bath tub. Some of the rooms are large enough to hold additional beds and accommodate as many as four people.

Food and Wine

Boundary Hill Lodge offers very delicious meals delicately prepared by their experienced chef and served in their dining area. Their menu is rotated to ensure that the guests enjoy the different delicious dishes prepared here. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The dining plus bar areas were constructed to make best use of present features and also to capitalize on the encompassing views. The Natural terraces happen to be softly enhanced to provide intimate areas where you can relax as well as enjoy the views plus sounds of the stunning savannah below. The scent of freshly baked bread coming from their outside oven, along with fish and meat plus vegetables enticing on the barbecue entice your senses and provide a mild contrast and highlight to the day’s activities.


Facilities available at Boundary Hill Lodge include:

A swimming pool

Air conditioning and fans

A Safe



Additional activities include:

Walking services offered at an extra cost as well as game drives conducted at night

Within this special area that is eco sensitive, each step has been put in place to make sure little impact. All roofs are made to collect rainwater. It is stored in concealed cisterns. We don’t anticipate it will be important to take water from the surrounding environment. The Solar panels plus wind generators will supply all power. There isn’t any noisy petrol or even diesel generator to deter from or cover up the sounds of this African bush.

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