Dar es Salaam advised to combat cybercrime

cybercrimeExperts reveal that Technological progress around the world have made it unavoidable for countries to carry out evaluations of their capacities in dealing with cybercrime inside their borders

Talking at the cybercrime need evaluation programme that was held on Monday in the city of Dar es Salaam , Ms. Anika Holterhofi a specialist from the UN Office on drugs plus crime (UNODC), Division for Treaty Affairs said that the evaluations are a must if at all the countries need to survive this technological advancement.

The programme that is organized by the Ministry of Communication, science & technology together with the Commonwealth and UNODC is going to be carried out for one week.

The evaluation exercise is going to be carried out for 4 days and the specialists will meet with 7 groups of various professionals plus specialties making up eighty people among whom are ten judges, some permanent secretaries as well as leaders of the country’s legal department plus seventy professional representatives.

Ms. Holterhofi said that the main purpose of the evaluation was to identify sectors which require more efforts to suppress cybercrime and not to inform the country what it hasn’t implemented to fight the crime.

She added that this evaluation is very important. It is what they do with nations so as to find out what is present and to observe where the country wishes to go.

The expert went on to say that the evaluation isn’t to measure and inform the country exactly what it hasn’t been carrying out to fight the crime however to enhance what was already established.

Dr John Mngodo the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the ministry said that the professionals will assist us on strategies to improve battling cyber crime. he added that they will evaluate and guide us on whether our requirements are in proper order to efficiently handle cybercrime in the country and lastly help Tanzania to achieve its pursuit to become free of cybercrime.

He pointed out that a number of the areas that are going to be evaluated will include policies plus strategies, organization capacity, human plus technological resource, legislation regulations as well as structuring, training in addition to international plus regional cooperation in eliminating cybercrime.

UNODC is an international leader in the battle against illegal drugs as well as international crime and it was established back in 1997 by way of a combination between the Centre for International Crime Prevention and the United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNODC); UNODC is operational in all parts of the world by using a complex network of different field offices.

United Nations Drug Control Programme has been part of international plus regional responses to the dreadful cybercrime, putting together a detailed study in 2013 of cybercrime related risks

UNODC helps member countries to better fight and stop cybercrime, cooperating with partners at the national plus regional level, especially to improve comprehension of cybercrime and associated responses in addition to increase staff knowledge plus skills to determine and prevent this crime