Ecoscience Science Center and Luxury

This Eco science facility is located on the Northeastern Tarangire National Park border just 20 kilometers South of Makuyuni village (along the major tourist road that leads to Serengeti national park).

This eco-science center is found on a village known as Mswakini Juu,  and this 80 hectare property is found next to a crucial migration route commonly used by elephants and zebras together with other animals species.  This area is locally referred to as “the small Serengeti plain”. The majority of the land in this region is kept natural. Moving on to the Northern border is the stunning structure of this luxury boutique lodge and eco science center.

This deluxe boutique lodge was planned by Maria Rodriguez-Carreño Villangomez a Spanish architect. The design of the luxury rooms plus restaurant is themed on a Maasai hut – in an original, contemporary and minimalistic way.
The lodge offers 6 spacious rooms each 60 square meters having 30 square meter terrace. Every room possesses a wardrobe, double bed, office desk, comfortable couch and an inside bathroom. You can enjoy breathtaking vistas right from your bed of Radilen hill, on the other side of the valley. There is Internet is available. They also have rooms that can accommodate guests with disabilities. However young children aren’t accepted here.
With just 6 deluxe rooms, privacy is the main focus here.

The restaurant, constructed in an identical style as the deluxe rooms, is the recreation area, with a sitting area, campfire, bar plus dining room, in which you will enjoy the most delicious food you will ever find across the entire country.

The French-Belgian-mediterranean dishes will leave visitors totally satisfied.

in addition, a number of original items may be bought in our fully stocked shop. In the evening before nightfall, the director, who in addition to being a scientist is a musician will entertain his guests in the restaurant with nice romantic tunes on his grand piano.

The vistas from Ecoscience are breathtaking. Among the natural landmarks here include, from East to West, Loikisale Hill, looking South, Meru volcanoes, Mounts Hanang, Mounts Monduli, Radilen Hill, Kwaraha as well as Tarangire Hill.

Once in a while, the snow-capped mountain Kilmanjaro may be seen.

Ecoscience is entirely independent in regards to electricity. All the things here are run on solar panels (for example its used to heat the water) there is also a back-up generators.
Visitors plus residents are recommended to use water in a responsible way! There are Water-savers installed in the showers as well as the faucets. Guests are recommended to always remain within the areas marked as the “visitors’ area”.

When going out you will be accompanied by one of our authorized staff or a Maasai guard.

We recommend that our visitors to stay here for at least two nights, so as to have another day with the scientists, offering them an in-depth understanding of the northern part of Tanzania.

Once in a while, tourists are allowed to stay with the resident scientists within the science center, in case there are some available rooms.

Basing on the investigation work at one time the guest can even help out the scientists do their work.

Eco-science is the perfect place to begin your safari as the scientific explanation about the habitats as well as scenery of northern Tanzanian will certainly be an adventure of its own.

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