Findings from Tanzania Tourism Industry Survey

Tanzania-airportSimilar to other developing nations, Tanzania, targets achieving a high economic development plus poverty decrease. This may be accomplished through implementing good macroeconomic reforms, such as favorable investment environment for bringing in domestic plus foreign investments. Up to now, achievement has been registered in sectors like tourism, where greater investments in form of accommodation facilities have been listed. The better performance in the tourism sector is as well as a result of the joint efforts of the Government plus the private sector in developing this industry and promoting the country as an exceptional tourist destination.

The sustainability of growth within the tourism industry is dependent upon the availability of dependable tourism information used in formulation of policies as well as decision making. actually, In view of this, 5 institutions including: the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, Bank of Tanzania, Immigration Department as well as National Bureau of Statistics, have been collectively conducting Surveys on the exit of International Visitors. This survey was done in at the 6 main exit points, including: the Julius Nyerere International Airport, Zanzibar Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Namanga, Tunduma plus Kasumulo some of which are road-border posts.

Key Findings of this Survey include

Average Expenditure

The results of the survey reveal that the total average expenditure of each tourist within Tanzania is $241 every night.

Length of Stay

The results of the survey   reveal that the total average duration of stay for the visitors into Tanzania was eleven nights, a rise of a night from those of the year before.

Main Source of Tourists to Tanzania

Listed below are the leading five tourist markets


United Kingdom

United States of America



Age group of tourists

Most of the Visitors Were of the age group of 25-44

Approximately 55.1 % of the questioned visitors were between the ages of 25-44. The other in popularity was the age bracket of 45-64, that made up 27.1 %, and then the age bracket of 18-24 (10.1 %). The age bracket of over 65, who have enough time plus sufficient money for leisure made up around 6.9 % of the surveyed visitors.

Within Tanzania, the majority of the aircrafts which go to the tourist destinations are single -engine.

Most of the Visitors Came Under a Package Tour Arrangement

Around 65 % of the visitors came under a package tour arrangement, whereas 35 % of the guests came under a non-package tour.

Most Visitors into Tanzania Came for ‘Leisure plus Holiday’ Purposes

Most of the visitors which is (79.1 %) came just for leisure plus holidays, and then those who traveled to Visit Friends plus Relatives (8.2 %). Visitors who traveled for business plus conference were low regardless of the developing significance of conference tourism internationally. Because of this, there is need to draw in investors so that they come and build huge convention centers in which to host international meetings.

Many Visitors into Tanzania Leave through Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) plus Zanzibar Airport

The Survey was carried out in 6 main departure points including 3 airports plus road-border posts. The results of the survey showed that most of the visitors left the country through JNIA (30.8 %) and Zanzibar Airport (30.5 %). additionally The results reveal that, Namanga was the top road-border departure point while Kasumulo registered the least percentage of departed visitors.