Kikoti Tented Camp

Located on a gorgeous 15,000 acres private area neighboring Tarangire National Park, this wonderfully positioned Lodge is close to the home of Africa’s Big 5 wild animals that include: cape buffaloes, lions, leopards, elephants as well as rhinos. Enjoy a relaxed stay, with the sights of the safari right on your door step.

Spending a day at Kikoti

Kikoti offers breathtaking views thanks to its strategic location. Have breakfast in the wide open, looking over the renowned African Savanah. Spend your day on a thrilling game drive in the company of a park ranger who will detail you about the various animals. Have a lovely picnic lunch in this African wilderness. Visit the nearby Masai community in the evening and interact with these impressive tribesmen. Later return to the lodge for a chilled beer and a delicious hot meal permission to round off the day, and back at the camp enjoy cold beer and a hot meal. Dinner is usually accompanied by live performances of music, dance and drama.

Game Viewing

The area surrounding Kikoti is renowned for its huge population of elephants. On a standard game drive you will be able to see lions, gazelles, zebras, elands, giraffes, wildebeests, impalas, warthogs, hartebeests, ostrich and gazelles. In addition it is an Ornithologist’s paradise with numerous bird species to see.

Tarangire National Park is situated close to the main water places within that area. The best time to go to Kikoti is in the dry season from August to October. Once the short rains come to an end in the month of November, these elephants usually move to fresh grazing places. On the other hand, lions, elands, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, gazelles and giraffes can be seen quiet often throughout the year. Also when the animals migrate, several are usually seen gathered at these water holes.

Family and Kids

Kikoti Camp is really family friendly and accepts children of all age groups. However nanny service are not available at the camp and parents have to supervise their children the staff at Kikoti Camp are very careful especially about the activities of the kids during their stay at the camp.

Food and Wine

Meals are delicately prepared each day and basing on the season and you will be offered a variety of fresh fruits plus vegetables. The three course meals are a blend of European, African and Asian cuisines plus Coffee as well as tea, some soft drinks plus alcoholic beverages that are served all through the day.

Getting there

By Road:

about 4 hours southwest from Arusha town. The majority of the road is tarmac but the turn off-point after its gravel and becomes bumpy when you get into the Kikoti Concession however all roads are well marked and using a 4WD vehicle they are passable.

By Air: Manyara Airstrip is the most popularly used for everyday scheduled flights.
Kuro Airstrip: serves Charter flights with authorization by National Park service.

Activities to enjoy at Kikoti Camp

Private Game Reserve

Eighteen private tented Chalets

En-suite bathrooms

It is an Eco-friendly camp that features Corporate Social Responsibility Program

It is found close to Tarangire National Park