Numbers keep increasing for Tanzania low-cost flights

tz-FlightsA pan-African, low-cost airline within Tanzania has gained boasting rights since it keeps recording bigger and greater numbers.

Fastjet has documented higher load factors of Seventy three percent a couple of weeks ago, regardless of rising capacity, following the airline added additional flights connecting from Dar es Salaam city to Mwanza to currently 25 departures each week. A sum of 52,839 passengers went on the Fastjet flights in the month of July, and in accordance with a source who works closely with this airline a lot of those remain flyers for the first time. Punctuality likewise continued to be high with 94% of all the departures exiting on time or in 15 minutes of the timetabled time.

The introduction of flights from Dar es Salaam city to Harare at the beginning of August, already increased from 2 to 3 each week because of the demand for seats, will see a additional increase in capacity this very month that will without doubt reflect another increase in the number of passenger, once the month-to-month reports, needed to be filed by Fastjet PLC is a publicly quoted company on London Stock Exchange, is going to be released in a couple of weeks.

In the same way on the cards are the flights to Fastjet into Entebbe, since the air connections were reduce by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority once they suspended all international flights by all Ugandan registered airlines on 17th June this, resulting into passengers detours together with delays in getting to their particular destinations.

Month closing July 2014 – Passenger Number: 52,839

Month closing July 2013 – Passengers Number: 31,275 (69% change)

Month closing July 2014 – Load Factor: Seventy three Percent

Month closing July 2013 – Load Factor: Seventy nine Percent

Rolling 12 months closing July 2014 – Passenger Number: 455,743

Rolling 12 months closing July 2013 – Passenger Number: 227,033 – 101% change

Ed Winter with Fastjet said that Fastjet has answered to the needs of the people of Tanzania plus Zimbabwe asking for a straight route connecting these Two cities with reasonably priced, reliable flights. To date, travelers must rely on lengthy road transportation and even have been eliminated from air travel by the crucial costs of air transport an indirect route through Nairobi and Johannesburg. They believe that affordable prices will enable plenty of people to voyage between Tanzania and its other destinations boosting the relationships of these countries as well as improving their tourism and business sectors, significantly contributing to the economic progression of these 2 countries. Low cost flights is vital to the progression of economies across the African continent. It is expensive as well as time-consuming to build roads for joining cities, irritating for people voyaging over land, and in the event that there are airlines operating any particular route, they still miss virtually all the citizens in the country due to the extremely high prices of the flights. Flights into Harare recently were completely booked. With future reservations in the same way looking sound they have decided on including a third rotation each Thursday which they expect to start at the end of this month.