Tanzania Reduces Elephant Hunting Permits By 50%

Information came forth from the capital city of Tanzania – Dar es Salaam over this last weekend, that the government of Tanzania, through its Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, has reduced their yearly hunting ration for elephants by Fifty percent so as to assist recover the numbers of these huge ruined herd of elephants.

hunted-elephantIn the last many years, the country has lost several thousands of elephants to poaching groups with minimal involvement from the central government which was possibly unaware or which decided to look away from this issue, even when the degree of this crisis was well explained by wildlife conservationists. It absolutely was only persistent pressure from foreign countries that compelled Tanzania to slowly acknowledge the dilemma and began taking anti poaching activities on the success of which the court continues to be out.

on receiving this information, one of our source commented that It is already too little and too late, adding that they haven’t heard again about the list of Three hundred that was compiled by former tourism minister Amb. Kagesheki. In addition, they haven’t seen any distinguished names dragged to court. However in fairness, lowering hunting permits is an excellent start, although the ultimate end result must be to prohibit hunting completely and convert all the hunting blocks across the country into conservancies for the use of tourism.

Countries that up to now support hunting are going to be the ones sought after in the courts of public viewpoint and within the social media, and also we must keep in mind how detrimental the campaign against the construction of the Serengeti highway was for us. The tourism minister must as well inform the public what the decrease means in actual numbers, the number of elephant hunting permits that were offered this past year, and the exact number of permits that are going to be provided this year. in addition, the publish wishes to know if it isn’t the prohibition to import trophies out of Tanzania to the United States that has lowered the demand that those very permits are no longer taken up in any case anymore.

This announcement by the Tourism minister was allegedly made during the meeting with the American Ambassador into Tanzania where Amb. Childress promised additional material support for pro-conservation as well as anti-poaching actions.

In additional the Tanzanian government has increased efforts by the police to fight poaching which has as well reduced the numbers of elephants being hunted

The Tanzanian police have accepted to put into action new strategic and technical methods to suppress poaching as well as to increase their cooperation with Interpol.

The agreement was arrived at between officials from Tanzania National Parks – TANAPA and the Lake plus Western Zones that met in a 3 days convention and also discussed about the state of security of the wildlife within Tanzania.

Valentino Mlowola the Mwanza Regional Police Commander said following the meeting that they have revisited the condition of security within all the areas inside the wildlife sanctuaries as well as the encompassing areas and they have promised to offer maximum support plus techniques to put an end to the existing damage caused by the foreign plus local criminal groups.