Tanzania Safari Cost 2023 / 2024

Tanzania remains one of the top destinations for a quintessential African safari adventure. Famous national parks like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater provide incredible opportunities to witness some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and natural beauty. As you start planning your Tanzania safari escape, cost is likely one of the first factors on your mind. Prices for safaris in Tanzania can vary quite a bit depending on your preferred activities, accommodations, safari style and length of stay. This guide will walk through the main considerations for safari costs in Tanzania to help you plan your perfect budget for an unforgettable trip.

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Tanzania Safari By Budget Costs

Safari tours in Tanzania range from basic, budget-friendly adventures to ultra-luxurious indulgences. The general experience tier you choose doesn’t just impact the price – it also shapes the overall vibe and style of your safari. Here’s an overview of the main categories:

Tanzania Budget Safaris

 Ideal for travelers who want to experience Tanzania’s amazing wildlife and landscapes while on a tight budget. Accommodations are simple, usually campsites or basic guesthouses. You’ll travel in shared safari vehicles and activities revolve around low-cost game drives into the parks and reserves. 

Tanzania Mid-Range Safaris

Offer more comforts through permanent tented camps or safari lodges, along with good quality meals. While not at luxury resort levels, the accommodations are still clean, comfortable and of a decent standard. The focus is on enjoying great wildlife viewing opportunities while still having a comfortable place to return to each night. 

High-End Safaris

Feature posh amenities like 5-star wilderness lodges or lavish “glamping” style tented camps. At this level, the unique accommodations, fine dining, and attentive service enhance the time spent out in nature. The priority is on luxury while still immersed in the wild.

Ultra-Luxury Safaris

Pull out all the stops by offering ultra-exclusive game viewing opportunities, ultra-luxurious boutique camps, and full customization of activities and experiences. If luxury, exclusivity and bespoke adventures tailored specifically to you are top priorities, this upper premium tier is the way to go.

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Tanzania Safari Duration

The length of your Tanzania safari also impacts the overall costs. Short 1-3 day tours will have a higher per day price tag, while longer 8-14+ day tours allow you to spread out the fixed costs for a lower daily rate. 


It’s generally recommended to spend at least 4+ days on a Tanzania safari to have adequate time to visit some of the farther flung parks like Serengeti National Park without feeling too rushed. Be sure to factor in sufficient travel time between locations when choosing your ideal safari duration.


The more days you can spend on safari, the more time you’ll have to fully immerse yourself in multiple parks and reserves to view Africa’s incredible wildlife. But even a short 2-3 day safari allows you to experience this bucket list adventure on a tighter schedule and budget.

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Tanzania Safari Costs By National Park

Serengeti National Park

Famed for the annual Great Migration when over 2 million wildebeests and zebras traverse the plains. Wildlife viewing is superb year-round.

  • Park entry fees: $70 per person, $300 per vehicle
  • 2-day budget safari: $750 per person per day
  • 3-day luxury safari: From $1,650 per person per day

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Home to Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact caldera providing a rich wildlife haven.

  • Park entry fees: $70 per person high season, $60 low season
  • 1-day budget safari: Around $280 per person
  • 2-day mid-range safari: Approximately $395 per person per day
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Tarangire National Park

Known for large herds of elephants and baobab trees. Excellent birding.

  • Park entry fees: $50 per person high season, $45 low season
  • 2-day budget safari: From $400 per person per day
  • 3-day luxury safari: Around $600 per person per day
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Lake Manyara National Park

A narrow rift valley lake attracting abundant birdlife, tree-climbing lions, and hippos.

  • Park entry fees: $50 per person high season, $45 low season
  • 1-day budget safari: Approximately $200 per person
  • 2-day mid-range safari: From $450 per person per day

Tanzania Safari Cost By Activities

Cultural Tours

  • Immersive experiences visiting authentic Maasai villages
  • Costs start around $40 per person for day trips
  • Overnight stays with community work or cultural immersion around $70-100 per person per night
  • Learn about indigenous lifestyles, traditions, dances, food, and more

Hot Air Balloon Rides

  • Soar over the open savannas and forests at dawn for unique aerial views
  • See wildlife and landscapes from new perspectives
  • Balloon rides operate in Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park
  • Prices approximately $550 per adult for a 1-hour ride
  • worth splurging on for a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Walking Safaris

  • Led by knowledgeable guides, walking safaris allow you to experience wildlife and nature by foot
  • Prices range from $40-$160 per person per day depending on location and guide
  • Intimate way to see birds, plants and animals up close under protection of armed guides
  • Walks available in Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Parks

Migration Safaris

  • From May to July, witness the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park
  • Most reputable 4+ day Serengeti safaris will include migration observation
  • Prices start around $60 per person per day for migration viewing
  • See millions of wildebeests and zebras traverse the plains
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When to Visit Tanzania

Safari costs in Tanzania fluctuate considerably depending on the time of year and season you visit. 

The peak season with highest demand and rates is during the dry season, from June through October. This offers prime wildlife viewing along the Great Migration routes.

Dry Season Safari Costs

– Start around $600 per person per day for mid-range lodge accommodations up to $1000+ per day for high-end luxury tented camps and lodges. 


The green season falls between November and May each year. 


Wet Season Safari Costs

Mid-range options run approximately $600-$700 per person daily, while luxury camps and lodges start from $850 per person per day. 


While the dry season offers excellent wildlife sightings, the greener scenery and lush landscape of the wet season has its own appeal too. No matter when you visit, Tanzania offers incredible safari experiences year-round. Careful travel planning helps maximize adventure while staying within your chosen safari budget.

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Additional Costs for Your Tanzania Safari 


Beyond just the core safari activities and accommodations, there are several additional costs to factor into your overall Tanzania safari budget. These extra expenses can add up, so it’s important to be aware of them when planning your total trip budget.


Visa Fees

Visas are required for most foreign nationals visiting Tanzania and cost around $50-100 per person depending on the type of visa applied for:


– Regular Tourist Visa – $50 per person 

– Multiple Entry Visa – $100 per person

– Transit Visa – $30-35 per person 

– Business Visa – $250 per person


Some nationalities like citizens of East African countries can receive visa-free entry.


Tipping Safari Cost

 While completely optional, tipping local guides, drivers and staff around $10 per traveler per day is customary on safaris in Tanzania. Many lodges will have communal staff tip boxes that make it easy to contribute to tips at the end of your stay.


Travel Insurance Cost

Purchasing comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended for any international trip. Policies for Tanzania safaris start around $100 per person depending on the policy length and coverage inclusions. Expect insurance costs to be approximately 5-6% of your total trip price.


Drink Costs

Any extra drinks like alcoholic beverages, soda or juice can add up quickly. At lodges and camps, budget around $3-7 per beer, glass of wine or cocktail. Bottled water is often included with meals, but can cost $1-2 if not. 


Meal Prices

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are generally included while you are out on scheduled game drives as part of your itinerary. For any other meals at your accommodation or on your own, budget around $10-15 per meal per person.


Airport Transfers

Transfers to and from airports and between safari lodges/camps/parks range from $25 per vehicle for short transfers on Zanzibar up to $75 or more for long overland transfers between parks. Discuss required transfers with your safari operator.


Extra Activities

From $40 per person for village culture tours up to $600+ per person for a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti. Discuss adding any extra activities into your customized safari itinerary with your tour operator.

Flight Costs to Tanzania


There are no direct flights to Tanzania from the US, UK or Europe, so most flights connect through a major hub in Africa before the final leg to Tanzania. This impacts flight pricing.


From the US

Flights range from $800-$1800 per person depending on your US departure city, airline, route and travel dates. Major airlines flying from the US to Tanzania include:


– Delta – $1200-$1500

– United – $900-$1100  

– Emirates – $1500-$1800

– Ethiopian Airlines – $850-$1100


From the UK

Flights from London or other UK cities range from £500-£1500 per person depending on dates and routing. Sample fares on major carriers:


– British Airways – £650-£1200

– Emirates – £800-£1100

– Ethiopian Airlines – £500-£950

– Kenya Airways – £650-£1050 


From Europe

Flights start around €650-€1200 per person depending on departure city. Sample one-way fares:


– KLM (via Amsterdam) – €700-€950

– Lufthansa (via Frankfurt) – €650-€850

– Emirates (via Dubai) – €950-€1200

– Ethiopian Airlines – €600-€800


Ideally budget for roundtrip flights when estimating overall trip costs.

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Transportation Costs on Safari in Tanzania


You’ll need to get around by some form of transportation while on safari in Tanzania. Here are some typical options and costs:

Hired Safari Vehicles 

The most common option is hiring a safari jeep with a professional driver to take you to the parks and sightseeing. Prices range from:


– Self-drive 4×4 rental – $120-150 per day

– 4×4 with driver – $150-200 per day 

– 4×4 with driver and gas included – $180-220 per day


Internal Flights

To cover longer distances between parks quickly, internal flights range between:


– Arusha to Zanzibar – $250-$350 per person 

– Arusha to Dar es Salaam – $180-$250 per person

– Arusha to Selous Game Reserve – $280-$380 per person


Public Buses

For the adventurous DIY traveler, local buses connect most cities and towns. Fares start around $20 per person one-way.



Readily available in cities and towns. Metered taxis cost $0.50-0.80 per km plus small start fare. Uber also operates in Tanzania.


Tour Packages

 If booking an all-inclusive tour package, ground transport is usually included besides any internal flights you add on. Discuss options with your tour operator.

Tanzania Safari Costs for Travelers

Safari prices in Tanzania can vary widely depending on where you are traveling from. Here’s an overview of typical costs:

For US Travelers

– Flight – $800-$1800 roundtrip 

– Visa – $50-$100 per person

– Vaccinations – $0-$200

– 7-day Mid-Range Safari – $2000-$3500 per person  

– Total Trip Cost – $3000-$6000 per person

For UK Travelers

– Flight – £500-£1500 roundtrip

– Visa – £40-£90 per person

– Vaccinations – £0-£150  

– 5-day Mid-Range Safari – £1000-£2000 per person

– Total Trip Cost – £2000-£4000 per person

For European Travelers

– Flight – €600-€1200 roundtrip 

– Visa – $50-$100 per person

– Vaccinations – €0-€200

– 7-day Mid-Range Safari – €1500-€2500 per person

– Total Trip Cost – €2500-€5000 per person

Accommodation tier (budget to luxury) and safari duration significantly influence overall trip costs from each region. Traveling in a group brings down the per person price.


What’s Included and Excluded in Tanzania Safari Prices

When booking a safari through a tour operator, some elements are typically included while others will be additional costs.

Commonly Included Costs

– Game drives and park/reserve entry fees 

– Ground transport by safari vehicle  

– Accommodation during tour (camping or lodges)

– Meals while on scheduled drives

– Services of a driver/guide

– Airport transfers

Commonly Excluded

– International airfare

– Visa fees

– Tipping for guides/staff

– Drinks outside of meals

– Spa services   

– Souvenirs or personal shopping

– Optional activities like balloon rides

– Travel insurance

Estimating Overall Tanzania Safari Costs

With so many factors impacting prices, what can you expect to budget for a Tanzania safari on average?


Budget Safari

– $200 – $300 per person per day

– Camping or dorm accommodations 

– Shared excursions and transport

Mid-Range Safari  

– $350 – $550 per person per day

– Lodge, tented camp or cabin lodging

– Private vehicle and guide 

Luxury Safari

– $500 – $1,500+ per person per day

– Upscale tented camps or boutique lodges

– Fine dining and premium beverages

– Personalized service and activities

Additional Expenses

– International flights – $800+ 

– Visa – $50-$100

– Insurance – $100+

– Internal flights – $250+

Key Tanzania Safari Cost Considerations

As you budget and plan your ideal Tanzania safari adventure, keep these final tips in mind:

– Green season safaris are more budget-friendly, but dry season is better for wildlife viewing. Decide based on priorities.

– Travel in a group of 5+ to lower per person costs significantly through sharing.

– Lodges provide more social interaction with other travelers versus private camps. 

– Solo travelers pay a single supplement for private rooms. Shared dorms or tents can save.

– One-way international flights may be cheaper than roundtrips for more itinerary flexibility.

– Visit Zanzibar in February to combine a safari with the annual Sauti za Busara music festival.

– Work with an experienced safari tour operator who can suggest cost-saving options to meet your budget.