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Tanzania Safari Information every Tour Operator will tell you about Tarangire

Tarangire National Park is packed with wild animals – that are attracted to the permanent water sources here. A menagerie of assorted types of animals congests here coming from many miles to, drown their thirst in the quenching waters of Tarangire River and its surrounding seasonal swamps.

a big number of animals in the migrating herd plus other resident animals such as gazelles, wildebeests, impalas, in addition to zebras, travel in big numbers and congest the river banks. Several giraffes, hartebeests and buffaloes crowd the shrinking lagoons plus waterholes. Predators for example lions in addition to leopards are attracted by the great number of available prey. Numerous Birds flock the banks of river tarangire hence making the Park a very great destination to study and marvel at the diverse wildlife.

It is intriguing to know that the different wild animals living inside Tarangire migrate in a cyclic pattern all year round. in fact the soil within tarangire lacks phosphorus and this consequently forces the different wild animals to move out of this protected wildlife sanctuary and cross the park borders to the surrounding areas in search of pastures rich in phosphorous. Most of the surrounding land belongs to the Maasai pastoralist communities who for numerous years lived along side with these big migrating animals. These Maasai people largely rely on their cattle to survive and traditionally they do not hunt any type of wild animal. Even so, the rise in the overall human population forced them to slowly transition to cultivation of crops hence the need of more farm land which in the long run put more pressure on the boundaries of the park.

safari companies tanzania

Irrespective of the whether (Dry or wet months), the park is primarily renowned for its huge elephant population. The overwhelming numbers of elephant of every size are seen enjoying the tree shades or even burrowing as they look for underground water streams. These full of energy giants are seen moving across river Tarangire after which they dust themselves in the brick-red earth that characterized Tarangire national park.

The yellow barked Fever Trees that grow surrounding the clay shores of Tarangire river are the most dominant tree species near the baks of the river. the trees are ghost like in appearance and grow well in the poor drained clay soils where other tree species hardly ever gro. the long ago explorers plus travelers referred to them as “Fever Trees ” because they where incorrectly thought to bring about malaria since several people who where camping within their area caught malaria. Even so, the connection was purely accidental, as the malaria transmitting mosquitoes also preferred the very same damp conditions of the river banks

also reedbucks can be observed moving in the elephant grass and reeds next to the river. male bahor reedbucks have short, horns that curve frontward and these animals when startled give a shrill whistle while they flee with a special “rocking-horse” strides. they are commonly incorrectly recognized as impala, nevertheless they can be identified by their sandy-red coats plus bushy tail with a white flag.