Tarangire Treetops

Enjoy Living your Dream High up in The Trees.

A large number of people a childhood might have been spent taking part in the realm of ‘make-believe’. In this particular mythical existence most of us may have ascended and played up high in the bows plus branches as well as, for the fortunate few, constructed a ‘palace’ on the horizon.

This is the timeless sparkle which is very visible in the eyes of the ‘adults’ who gaze on Tarangire Treetops the very first time. Tarangire Treetops is located peacefully on the edge of Tarangire National Park within Tanzania.

A blend of Color plus Smiles

Once you reach your Lodge, you will be welcomed right away by a blend of color and a several smiles that belong to the resident Maasai


who actually are now part of the thrilling story which is Tarangire Treetops.


Everything here is much like a dream. The team of staff here are all very welcoming, and the management too is truly amazing. This is truly a gorgeous place to live in!

Charming and Passionate

Centered mainly around the Main Lodge that by itself encases a baobab tree of about one thousand years, Tarangire Treetops consists of Twenty rooms that are all elevated over the ground providing vistas over the encompassing baobab plus marula  trees.

Comfortable Rooms offering breathtaking Views

All the Treetops Room feature some of the largest bedrooms available in camp across this part of the country, each with a floor space of 65 sq meters and each with an exotic double-shower inside the bathroom. They all have furnishings which create comfort and exhibit a devotion to the local craftsmanship, this outstanding experience is complimented by the open-fronted room that are designed to offer breathtaking vistas across the large plains of Tarangire right from the comfort of your private balcony.

A number of

unforgettable Moments


Eating at Treetops maintains the energy of unquestionably unforgettable moments. Regardless of whether having a lantern-lit private dinner inside a traditional Boma with the echoing  sounds of the Maasai chants, or a candle lit dinner at the poolside whilst an abundance of wildlife congregated to drink at the  water hole near the lodge, Treetops results in memories by the minute and in numerous varying ways.

An uplifting Experience

Nevertheless this is the pure delight ass well as actual pleasure of staying at Tarangire Treetops that certainly will continue with you for several years in future, and will help keep you returning, only if in spirit, to this wonderfully dreamlike lodge accommodation.

The Tarangire ecosystem sustains one of the biggest number of big ungulates in the entire East Africa – along with holding great numbers of oryx plus the lesser kudu, this park hosts the highest number of elephants in the whole of northern Tanzania, now adding up to nearly 2500 elephants. There is a variety of wildlife plus different bird species in Tarangire which makes it an exceptionally unique and delightful eco-system.

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