The Cost Of Gorilla Tours in Africa

gorilla tours in africa

How much is gorilla trekking in Uganda?

The cost of gorilla trekking in Uganda involves a lot of things that is from transport, accommodation facilities and the gorilla permit fee among other things.

Gorilla safaris

are carried out all throughout the year and the cost changes depending on whether you are visiting during the low or high season. Below is a breakdown of how much a

gorilla trek is in Uganda

and the different things that you will have to spend on while on a gorilla safari in Uganda.

gorilla tours in africa

Gorilla permit Cost in Uganda

This is the most important detail that you should always have before heading out for a gorilla trek. A gorilla permit in Uganda goes for 700 US dollars and this was increased from the previous 600 US dollars. The gorilla permit can be booked online with the help of your chosen tour operator.

Transport Cost in Uganda

After getting your permit, your date for the gorilla trekking will be set and this is where the transportation comes in.You will be picked from the airport by your

Uganda safaris

company to your accommodation facilities and then heading to the National Parks for trekking and note that the National Parks from where the trekking is done are far away from the city Center and it will take you about 8 hours for you to get to the

Bwindi impenetrable National Park

for trekking. In most cases, the gorilla trek takes three days and during you will need transportation with the help of a driver guide.

Driving is the first option that you can use and it is more entertaining since you get to see different things along the way but you can also opt to fly although it might be a little bit expensive.

Gorilla Safari Accommodation Cost Uganda

There are three types of accommodation facilities that you can use while in the country for gorilla trekking and these are the budget friendly, mid-range and luxury accommodation facilities. You can use whichever fits in your budget but note that the different accommodation facilities all have their own pricing which will be availed to you by the tour operator who will help you in choosing the right facility for you.

When you put all the above into consideration, then you will get to know how much you will be able to spend on your gorilla trek safari. Note that the only price that is fixed is the gorilla permit fee unless when it is changed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the rest like accommodation and transport keep on changing depending on the season.

How Much Does a Gorilla Safari Cost/Fees?

A gorilla safari cost has a lot connected to it and many tourists always ask “how much is a

gorilla safari cost

?’” the moment they start thinking about one. Most tour operators take a three day gorilla safari for tourists while others do less but the packages you choose an the number of days you want to spend on your safari will determine how much you pay on your gorilla trek safari. Ask your tour operators for the different packages that they have so that you can get to know which one you should afford and then after that choose the best package that you can afford. Below are some of the things that will greatly influence the cost of the gorilla safari in D.R Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorilla Safari Permit

The cost of a gorilla safari cost also covers for the gorilla permit irrelevant of the country you choose to do your gorilla trekking from. A gorilla permit in Uganda goes for $700, in Rwanda the gorilla permit is $1500 and in Congo the permit is for $400. Since each country has its own price attached to a permit, you will find that the cost of a gorilla safari is different in each of the three countries and the price of the permit highly contributes to the cost of a gorilla safari.

  • Transport

Although gorilla trekking is majorly done on foot, you will need to get a mode of transportation to take you to the National Park. You can decide to drive to the National Park and this includes payment for fuel, the driver guide and the vehicle itself. For those who have limited time while on a safari, you can use a charter flight but note that this will be more expensive than driving.

  • Accommodation

There are several types of transport that can be used while gorilla trekking that is the budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation facilities and you can choose whichever you want for as long as it fits into your budget. The more luxurious the accommodation, the more you will pay for your gorilla safari in whatever country that you choose.

  • Payment to the company

Organizing a gorilla trek without a tour company can be a little bit hard and that is why most people tend to get registered local tour operators to help with organizing a trip.  A gorilla safari trip cost will include the service fee that is used by the company that is organizing for you your trip and this is used to pay the employees of the company of your choice.