The Wonders of Tarangire National Park

Though maybe not as renowned as the Serengeti or even Ngorongoro Crater, this Tarangire is an excellent national park and part of the northern safari circuit. Its closeness to Arusha, the terminal to the Tanzanian wildlife safaris, makes it an ideal place to begin or even end a thrilling safari trip in this wonderful and interesting country.

In 1970 Tarangire was announced as a national park. This national park on its own covers nearly 2,600 sq km, heavily filled with wild animals plus hundreds of birds. The terrain is hilly, with the Tarangire valley dominating the landscape.

Inside this park, you will see huge numbers of wildebeests, zebras as well as cape buffalos, in addition to some spectacular antelopes! Take, for instance, the oryx. These huge and amazing antelopes are identified by their long straight horns, as well as unique markings on the black of their faces. Eland, on the other hand, are the biggest antelope in the world, weighing a remarkable 400kg to1000kg

For pachyderm enthusiasts, there are roughly 6,000 elephants within Tarangire. These navigate the terrain over large distances, in big numbers of Six hundred strong herds in which every member is as crucial and looked after as the rest.

The view of each of these wonderful creatures roaming beneath the numerous baobab trees in Tarangire is actually something unique. Even large elephants in some way look shorter when in these stunning trees, that are scattered all over the open plains. The Baobabs are alleged to have wonderful properties, and several people go there and wish on them. However with a thrilling safari journey to Tarangire in front of you, what else is there to desire for?

River Tarangire is the life support of Tarangire national park. Also in the dry season, when river Tarangire reduces considerably in size, there’s always water available here. The truth is, throughout the dry season, wild animals do move here looking for of relief for a time from their thirst! The Dehydrated animals may be observed collecting in large numbers on the banks of the river.

Bird-watchers will as well discover a paradise inside Tarangire National Park. Over Five hundred bird species have so far been recorded in this park, and are at this point waiting to be identified by you.

In many cases, Tarangire seems to get overlooked when compared to neighbouring parks of the Northern circuit of Tanzania; the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. However, this small park does certainly park a punch!

Tarangire has a large number of wild animals that reside there; however, there is one outstanding species the elephant. This is due to the fact that there are plenty of of these incredible creatures which wander through the park, running between fresh pastures and water. With a number of elephants estimated to be 1,600, you can definitely see large elephant herds regularly strolling in lines with their babies safely protected in the center of the elephant herd. In addition to the numerous elephants, Tarangire is as well an excellent place for seeing vultures. A number of these tattered scavenger birds rest on the branches of dead appearing trees as they wait for predators to take away all they need from the carcass of their last prey victims, in order to take over ensuring that nothing ends up wasted.